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Originally Posted by hippiebrian View Post
Bike is one of my favorite motorcycle magazines (second to Road Runner but far ahead of any other American magazine available.

Does anyone here in the States have a subscription or know how I could get one? Getting them new at the book store is a bit expensive (yes, I'm whining about 10 bucks) and I'd really like to just get them at home.

Thanks in advance.

Mods, I didn't quite know where to put this post. If it belongs somewhere else, please move it there. Thanks.

Most bike magazines in the U.S. suck. It's all about the latest and greatest with no actual tech stuff. Every mod article is who they took the bike to and what they had bolted on. I still subscribe to Cycle World and Motorcyclists mostly due to low price but for some of the columns and occasional interesting article. They're almost "once and done" when it comes to going through them and reading them. The hot rod/truck stuff has me going back to look at what they did - even though I will never likely do anything like it. I just find it interesting.

I started reading Hot Rod again along with Popular Hot Rodding, Streetrod and Classic Truck to get my gear head fix. I can't afford that stuff.

I wish there was someone (if only I could win a lottery) who would put out a tech magazine that actually showed some real mods. Back in the 80s DirtBike! and others actually told you how to do things. Like utting up the frame to forward mount the upper shock mount as well as how to set up forward mounts on the swingarm. The litigious nature of the U.S. kind of cut that stuff out along with bikes that are already done to the nines.
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