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Originally Posted by joexr View Post
30 MPH I'm only in first or second anyway. Depending which bike. Tell me , can you brake and blip the throttle while downshifting without changing pressure on the front brake? I can also downshift and modulate the rear.

Again, 2.5 seconds, stopping far faster with brakes than the motor can decelerate... are you going to waste the time to engage the clutch?

We're talking emergency "a car just turned left in front of me and stopped" braking, not going into some corner where time is there to do the job.

No matter how good you are, your engine braking through even a one gear downshift will not help braking with in a 2.5 second time frame that threshold braking from 30 mph gives you. No matter how much you brag about your skills, just won't help.
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