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Originally Posted by markk53 View Post
Actually talked with a Dunlop rep and engineer at the Cleveland Cycle World Motorcycle Show.

"No mold coating... a Honda parts/accessories seminar."
That all just seems so darned reasonable.

Originally Posted by markk53 View Post
To add flame to the fire I was also told the minor cracking of the tire rubber compound due to age and "drying out" (preservative being exhausted) was not a problem unless you can see the tire cord through the crack. Of course that would no longer be one of those tiny cracks, it would be a significant crack in the rubber. Flame on!
Right or wrong, I think I'll just continue to stick with the 5-year since made rule. I had a friend give me some new slicks for my race bike once that were at least 5-years old. I scuffed them in on the street near our shop and I never got comfortable with them. They just didn't provide any confidence. I mounted new tires and the bike returned to normal.

Another experience was with a tire that was shipped to me recently. It was just more than 5-years old. I hemmed and hawed about returning it. I checked the tread with my Durometer and didn't really see much difference between the used and the new tire. But, the rubber's suppleness just didn't seem good to me or the friends of mine that looked at it, too. The rep for the distributor had heard the same rule-of-thumb and he didn't argue in the least when I asked him to exchange the tire.

These are just the anecdotal experiences that come immediately to mind. YMMV.
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