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Most bike magazines in the U.S. suck. It's all about the latest and greatest with no actual tech stuff. Every mod article is who they took the bike to and what they had bolted on.

I wish there was someone (if only I could win a lottery) who would put out a tech magazine that actually showed some real mods. Back in the 80s DirtBike! and others actually told you how to do things. Like utting up the frame to forward mount the upper shock mount as well as how to set up forward mounts on the swingarm. The litigious nature of the U.S. kind of cut that stuff out along with bikes that are already done to the nines.
Totally agree. Back in the 70s Bob Braverman published "Cycle Mechanics" and "Bike Mechanics" magazines and they were full of mods and other tech info. And include these with all of his other work published in Cycle Guide and other magazines. I still have copies and refer to them quite often when working on older models. And what made the magazines unique was that the author of the article, for the most part anyway, did the work. It was an interesting and fun time.
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