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Originally Posted by Wraith Rider View Post
I'm talking on road. There you have agility, good braking and high corner speed with the big bike as well. And in addition you have power.
It's not as if you had to exchange the one for the other, you just can have both. Off road is an other deal of course.
I'm willing to concede that a bigger, heavier bike can have braking and maximum lateral grip similar to a smaller, lighter bike. But all else being equal (mainly frame geometry - trail, rake, wheelbase, etc.), the lighter bike is almost certainly going to be quicker changing directions, as well as being easier for the rider to make it change directions. If you like riding on tight, twisting roads, the light bike has a clear advantage. Blasting down the freeway and burning up large-radius sweepers, sure, the heavier bike will probably be faster.

It's not as if having more power automatically makes you faster on anything but straight or gently curving roads.
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