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On the bike, only on long stretches of highway or interstate and I bought a Neckmike M3 that I have been using with my phone. I play music through Bluetooth so I can answer calls too. There several sizes of ear bud tips that come with the Neckmike and I think they cut down on the ambient noise enough that I never turn the music volume up past half way. I don't like the music too loud, just where I can hear it clearly.

Previously I had a Rio MP3 player that I used for many years until it got broke in a crash.

I was riding my ATC on some power line right-of-way when I caught a series of ruts; diagonally. I got tossed off the trike and landed pretty dang hard on my head (wearing a helmet, not just a mullet), enough to disorientate me for a bit. I was hearing a sound like a stuck horn, but I was confused because my ATC doesn't have a horn. I couldn't figure it out, so I started walking over to the trike to shut the horn off (I hit my head pretty hard). I finally realized the sound was coming from the ear buds because the Rio I had clipped on my side, had got smashed and was making the noise.
I staired a whole thru the breaks until I remembered the carb prolly has a problem to and I'm gonna hafta work on em.
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