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Originally Posted by filmfan View Post
Definite mixed feelings about this;

US DOT has been studying V2V comm systems that will allow vehicles to to keep tabs on each other.
Read about it here;

I sure hope aftermarket boxes are available, 'cause I don't want to be riding a moto without a transponder in the midst of a bunch of drivers who figure they don't need to pay any attention to what's going on around them because the computer will warn them.

OTH, if it could eliminate or greatly reduce SMDSY's, I'd be all for it.

What are people's thoughts on the pros and cons of this? I can see benefits for bikes if the bike can transmit it's position to the cars nearby. What about cars telling the bike about their presence? At stop lights, for example? Yes, WE'RE supposed to be paying attention too, but sometimes attention slips.

Do you see benefits for car to bike V2V?
Since the security on this technology is laughable, I'd avoid it like the plague. It's 802.11. Basically a wireless LAN. If it also acts as a router to transmit information elsewhere "for your safety" it will probably be pretty easy to hack. Even more so if you can't change the admin password, which is always posted on the web somewhere.

As an example, the system for monitoring tire pressure runs on bluetooth and has been shown to be incredibly easy to hack from as far away as 100 meters. Once they're in, it doesn't take much to play with things like lights, wipers, engine speed, brakes, anything else the computer controls . . .

You can be sure some geek will find a way in and play with it. Maybe even the NSA if its a foreign car as they are busy hacking companies like Siemens for trade secrets our pharma industry can use.
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