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Originally Posted by ride4fun562 View Post
The borderline suicidal comment was immature of me, but at the same time I have been fucked by the law for stupid shit, I would gladly take responsibility had I injured or disturbed anyone but let me tell you what my current tickets are for then tell me again how I need to take responsibilty for my actions.

#1 ($400) 45 in a 35 on main street by my house, had always been under the impression that the main streets around here are all 45mph speed limits

#2 ($200)Wearing only the bottom portion of a seatbelt as a passenger, (it was a old t-bird with the electric seatbelts where the top portion tries to cut your head off if you actully wear it.

#3 ($500) Riding a perfectly controlled wheelie down the street at 15 mph when people fly down that street at 45 all the time.

If you think any of that warrents making me feel like a POS that needs to reflect upon myself and my actions you are a NAZI.
I was wondering how long till the name calling began. I've had many tickets over the years and I deserved every one of them plus hundreds that I never received. My comment about option #2 was made in jest, but obviously struck a chord so I apologize if I hurt your feelings. I never said you should feel like a POS so please don't put words in my mouth; I only said that you should take responsibility for your actions. I personally feel better for standing up and being responsible than I would trying to blame someone else for the problems I created.

We're all different though, only you can decide what your standards are.
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