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But...the absolute best earphones that I am using are the Bose 20i noise canceling earphones ( for iPhone, also made for other phones. These can be used to listen to music or make calls. They ain't cheap, but amazing, almost totally eliminating any external noise, allowing you to listen to music at 'normal' volumes. The amount of noise reduction is 'spooky'. When you are at freeway speed and switch them on it is very weird, as everything goes quiet, like the world has almost stopped.

^ My feelings exactly. In December I did a 7k ride on my GSA 1200 ADV and while I like to listen to the purr of the boxer the BOSE are like being in a sound room, they are truely amazing. I could listen for about 7 hours straight before my ear canal got sore. I might do a little shaping on the housing for a better fit because they weren't designed to fit inside a helmet. A bit of a hassle getting settled in, but for the long haul what an experience. No ringing in the evening.
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