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Someone tipped me off to the Pilot gear recently, and I have a few questions.

I ride every day, all over the place. No set commute, could be 2 miles, could be 300. Sun, Rain, Sleet, Snow, and if needed, Ice. I've ridden it all. A few years back I purchased the Tourmaster Transition Series 2 jacket, and matching pants. These were claimed to be waterproof. I found out a few weeks later (On what was then a 15 minute commute) that it indeed isn't waterproof. Worked ok for a drizzle, but in a downpour it soaked through. (In areas with no zipper or venting) After 3 winters, the zipper on the pants has broken, and part of the zipper on the jacket broke last year.

(I'm assuming that since I saw YKK zippers in the WBW Review on the Trans Urban, that you use YKK on everything)

Seeing as I ride almost every day and torrential downpours are a regular part of my life, How well does the TransUrban Jacket keep water out? How about the matching Omni Over Pants? At the price and high claims people give this gear I'm inclined to go for it, but Due to my better looking half not being thrilled about spending a bunch of money, I want to make sure that the gear will last me at least 4 winters of putting the gear on and taking it off between 2 and 8 times a day.

And since I now have everyone wondering what the heck I do for a living that involves riding a motorcycle all over Oregon: I do real-estate photography between the Oregon coast, and hood river.

EDIT: Also, What are the options that come with the jacket and pants as far as extra warmth goes? What options cost extra?

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