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Originally Posted by RFVC600R View Post
Downhill mountain biking. try it sometime
I only ride park.

Seriously though, mountain biking has taught me more about reading surfaces than anything else.

Balance is another aspect of bicycling that transfers easily to motorcycles. Trackstanding, slow riding in tight turns, that kind of thing really pays off having the tools in the belt on the motorcycle. Often I'll have both feet on the pegs before releasing the clutch and this comes from building balance skills on the MTB.

Riding dirt on bicycles is something I been doing since the 60's. This has been my passion throughout my life. Motorcycles, to me, are just an extension of this and my passion naturally included dirt bikes, then street bikes as a natural progression.

Still, little gives me as much satisfaction as riding singletrack on my MTB. It is the pure essence of the feeling I've been addicted to for longer than I can remember.

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