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I'm going to quote post #3 for you. I think this is probably the best approach. It gets you in front of the judge where can see if the officer doesn't show or you can act contritely and ask for a reduced bail amount if he does. You could man up and reduce your $$$.$$ exposure all in one sitting. Sounds good to me.

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If he doesn't show up in court, it goes away. Delay, delay, delay and when you finally do go he won't be there. Or if he does show up he won't remember you were the wheelie guy.

15 in a 25 zone? The judge will throw it out anyway.
I don't think the TBD will work well for you. I just can't believe the officer didn't write any citation notes for what he and the judge will likely see as a ridiculous charge against you.

I have been down the TBD path and was successful when I pointed out something the officer may not have considered. IDK for sure since the officer never replied to the TBD. It could have been something else, but I don't think so. In your case, the officer absolutely saw you do a wheelie. I would bet he would inform the traffic commissioner about your wheelie if you challenged his generosity and the strangeness of the citation.
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