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big bikes

having ridden for 50 years on every kind of bike and every kind of surface I have to say I love big bikes. I live in the desert, no tight 2 track, lots of back country roads, and mountains. I bought a Triumph explorer 1200 and am having a ball. It is a pig off road but I am learning. Do not like sand, can do it but it is tiring.
My sundays start early, 50 miles of twisty blacktop at speeds that would make a 650 puke, breakfast with my craazy friends, saddle up pick destination and leave. Normally a 20 to 30 mile ride at speed to our offroad start. 40 to 60 miles of interesting desert riding, slow, Then lunch. After lunch another 60 miles or so of offroad, then catch super slab home at 90plus on cruise control.
Have a kdx220 for serious work but hardly ride it any more.
Heavy is a relative term, rode Goldwings and Harleys for 30 years places they should have been, Triumph is ok.
No excuses, I have ridden every single track trail within 300 miles of my house and was bored. Doing them with a big adventure bike makes them interesting again. Did have to start going to the gym so I can pick it up:)

Also going to Dust to Dawson and Cabo this year. Nedd to be able to do 500 miles days for days at a time.

Small bikes are fun but am riding different roads now.
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