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Originally Posted by HoosierTrailmaster View Post
I thought Drizzt (James) said he owned it before. Being that it is 20+ years old, I would bet it has had a 1/2 dozen or more owners. It was a $350 bike has been beaten to death I am sure...the positive side is they are tough as nails.
For sure, I just figured I'd ask. Maybe I can find out if my issues are induced by my own tinkering, or pre existing. As well as any known mods done. I see the airbox was opened up a little, and the air screw was out at 3 1/4 turns. No sign of power in the electrical/lighting system, so hard to set idle to factory with no tach, etc...
Turns the header red hot in 10 min of riding around my neighborhood also, that normal? It's certainly not because it's hot out..
Uh oh, I'm not in a wrenching thread...

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