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Originally Posted by HoosierTrailmaster View Post
It is running way lean. You need a new pilot jet, it is either gummed up or too small for the temperatures right now. Lean is real dangerous, you will seize the engine if you continue. Is it a Keihin or Mukuni? You should never go beyond 2 1/2 turns out and less than 1 turn from closed. If you go more than 2 1/2 out you need to go next size up...if you go less than 1 turn you need to go to the next size down.
Thank you, that confirms my suspicions. I turned the air screw back into 2, but she idles real high and only drops if i turn the idle screw low enough then stalls. Smells lean too. I must have missed the pullout jet when i briefly cleaned it. I'll check that first, then move to a larger jet if no progress made. Between that and chasing electrical issues, should be an easy fix.

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