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Originally Posted by buckthedog View Post
Im from California. .and a former police officer, with many years in traffic enforcement. I may take your wrath, no matter. As I see it, he cut you a break. It is dangerous and disruptive to other motorists. You may be the best wheelie rider on earth, or the worst, immaterial. I I do see an attitude in your replies to some who were either trying to help you, or egging this on a bit. There have been numerous posts spent rationalizing or justifying your actions.(I.e., I see other people doing such and such and they didnt get a ticket). This mentality is juvenile. Fact is, you were wrong. Same as a cager doing a smoking burnout on the street at 15mph. Its just illegal. (Exhibition of speed). Take your lumps like a man. NOW, to offer help. Go to court, act like a decent respectable grown up. Admit your fault and THEN state your case as far as reducing the fine. You may be found guilty and fined as low as one dollar. That part is up to the judge. The police dont set the fines.

You're right, but I don't see a 15mph burnout as a danger either if the driver knows what he's doing. I guess if the voters and you officers see it as dangerous fine, we can all live in a bubble and hope nobody ever hurts anyone else and never have any fun on the roads. I think I'll go wrap myself in bubble wrap right now. When I was a kid I went ape shit every time I saw guys doing wheelies, and it sparked my whole interest in riding, but it's illegal so fuck all the kids that give me the "do a wheelie" sign every day. Who knows maybe I sparked the interest of the next James Stewart or maybe I didn't because I was scared a cop would see me that day.
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