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I hate absolutes. I've been off the low side lots of times but they were pretty much my own fault. One time though, not so. In 1984 on my 82 Suzuki Katana (yeah the space ship) I came into a 25mph hairpin, in the inside lane. I don't remember my speed but I ride at a pretty good clip. I usually don't get my knee pucks on the ground on the street but they're usually close. I like to leave myself some cushion. Just after I enter the corner I see a motorhome coming the other way cutting the corner in my lane! The only course of action was to try and turn inside of him so I cranked it over. Soon I had everything on the ground, knee, footpegs, engine cases... and I wasn't making it inside of him. When the engine started hitting, it started to lever the tires off the pavement and I realized it was hopeless and I bailed off the inside. The bike pivoted on the engine and the motorhome t-boned it square on. I rolled to the inside of the motorhome and bounced off the rear duals. Total injuries amounted to one bruise on my leg from the tires, one scuffed set of leathers and one squashed Katana. I taught the motorhome guy a serious lesson about driving in the wrong lane, I dented his bumper real good!
Normally, I don't see the need for laying it down but in this case I don't really think I had an alternative other than being a hood ornament myself.
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