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@ feathered, youre so right...I'm quite enjoying it myself. As far as the fine, remember, its a traffic judge (still a judge, but probably not the most desired or prestigious judge job there is I wouldn't think) in one of the most populated cities in America. They've heard it all. consequently, they can see through bullshit with x-ray, cosmic, superfly, Super/Bat/Aquaman precision. Having spent mind numbing and some comical hours sitting there years ago, I can say that when someone is honest, respectful (without kissing ass) and is real, that's who gets the help. The court costs are set by the state, and the judge can only get around those if the charge is dismissed altogether. They can't raise or lower them. They do set up payment plans though...or they used to. The man shouldn't stop you from doing what you love. Just be discreet about it!!! Don't do it in San Fernando Valley on ventura blvd (near my hometown of Woodland Hills) surrounded by 3 million people. You can probably pop one hell of a wheelie, I can't. I like to tear up backroads more than I should. Both are wrong, and if caught, we both take our lumps. But I find some back-back roads, and manage to have fun. Just find somewhere less populated and let er fly.

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