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Originally Posted by Kommando View Post
I'm of the "no harm, no foul" philosophy. It makes no freakin' sense to me why somebody should get ticketed and fined if they haven't actually caused a collision, damage, injury, or avoidance maneuver. I see people do stupid crap all the time on the road that they never seem to get pulled for, yet a cop will write you for nothing more than doing 80 in a 70...on a freakin' sportbike that will easily handle over 130, in light traffic and clear weather. The laws are jacked. The enforcement is jacked. The courts are jacked. The brainwashing of the public is jacked.

Take responsibility...

When was the last time you saw a public official take responsibility and vote themselves a reduction in pay? When was the last time you saw a cop ticket themselves for a traffic or parking violation they committed when they weren't responding to a call? When was the last time you saw a judge turn themselves in, confess, and plead guilty to some crime or misconduct they've committed?

Leadership by example...aint exactly happening. THEY are the assholes.
Wow. I'll never change your mind. But your view is totally Reactionary. Its akin to firefighters at the station waiting for a call, then they go handle it. Police work is Proactionary. That's why the patrol car was invented. To be seen, to prevent crimes from occurring, hoping the mere presence of the black and white would deter offenses from happening. In the case of traffic enforcement, to help people abide by the rules of the road, thusly making it safer for you, me, our families, and the entire ADV world to ride in a safer environment. As far as having a cop ticket himself? come on. Yes, some drive like idiots, I've seen it, probably have done it, and still see it. It happens. A lot goes on that they have to rush to where they aren't allowed to use their overhead lightbars/sirens. A lot. And it can be serious . Re: judges? yes. Corrupt judges and politician fines or sentences should be doubled because we entrust them. No favors for them AT ALL.
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