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Kommando. I have two words for you on your last post......... you're right. All the examples you gave are fairly accurate, have happened, do happen and will happen. When people we entrust with our laws, our safety, etc willfully and egregiously violate them...the hammer must fall, and hard. In a perfect world, I could call you nuts, and refute all of these scenarios. I wish I could. I cant. The only thing that I can say is that it is a small percentage we are discussing that break the public trust. Oftentimes, people placed in positions of power abuse this power. Human nature, I suppose. This ranges from the police officer driving 90mph to get home and is off duty in his squad car---I see this constantly (minor) to judges, city councilmembers, to senators, and world leaders (major) violating the rights of their own people for personal gain. Its sickening. Just like speeding fines are doubled in construction zones, penalties for these people should be doubled. I also think its been at least 3 posts since the word douche was used....its about due to be thrown out there again... and ride4fun....HAHAHA I WOULD bring that pic in, say that you wanted to emulate the CHP officers as their training is known to be some of the best (it really is from what I've heard/read) . That alone will get you out of your ticket. 99.765% guaranteed.

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