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Originally Posted by ride4fun562 View Post
... do you really believe a 15mph wheelie is going to kill alot of people?
15mph is ~22.5fps (I find that thinking in fps is typically pretty useful, 1.5 feet/second for every 1mph). I do believe that having a bike collide with a person at 22 feet per second can indeed kill them. It can also stop a car from moving and would trigger the air bag in that car (which would then cost $1500+ to replace!).

Consider that Gramma may swerve or brake suddenly when she's startled by what she sees as a "wild horse out of control". She knows the bike can't steer without its front wheel on the ground, so she dives for safety when one "suddenly appears" (out of nowhere, usually). Then she hits somebody.

Now who's "at fault" there? Gramma for being startled and over-reacting? Or the squid that startled her?

The philosophy I try and apply here is: "Don't be the rock in your brothers path".

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