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Originally Posted by Ridge View Post
If he moved to the shoulder in a left-hander, is it possible he was just setting up for the turn... same as you would? I often set-up for turns by adjusting my line, weighting pedals, looking through the turn... etc. He might have acknowledged your presence but figured (as I probably would) that an attempt to pass would not be made in a curve. Too sketchy and not enough room should the situation go pear-shaped.
Originally Posted by Big Bamboo View Post
I assumed because he moved right that he was getting out of the way. So, as a bicyclist, do you swerve in front of overtaking traffic because you assume they know about your technique? Good luck with that...
I've been riding a bicycle twice a week to work for a few years now (hour-long trip one way). I actually signal those sorts of lane positions (e.g. over a foot in a left turn) that I'm going to do. I'll drop my left arm almost straight down (since it was on the handlebars, of course), curve the wrist, and point over with my index finger. I'll waggle that 2-3 times while setting up for the move.

This technique actually seems to work fairly well with most folks. I do this signal when they're about 2.4 seconds away from passing me, that's about the time I want them putting on the brake if I'm having to stay where I am.

I don't do this "move left a bit" adjustment capriciously and it's sort of but not so much to "setup for the corner". On a long left curve, like one finds out there, the cars tend to be crossing the double yellow (see other thread for flaming that). So what happens to the outside of that left? It get's all nasty and rocky.

Now I'm moving along at about 22mph (~33fps) up there. At 30+ feet a second, I'm not going to ride on gravel on the outside edge of a left turn! You guys have said "Just get some 'real' tires". Well I've got them, Schwabe (I think), big, gummy, thick, and relatively puncture resistant.

But I'm *NOT* going to ride on gravel at that speed on the outside of a turn (sorry for the repeat). So yes, I'm over where others might not expect me. So yes, I signal (and have blinky lights on at all times!), and I've been known to move over before I "have to". I move over early to indicate to the folks behind what's happening, I'm not going to run up into something like that blind.

I have actully practiced NOT looking back when it has become "too late" for me to really yield any more of the lane. I have a mirror and I use it. But some folks do seem to think that face contact from in front (by head rotation) "must" mean the initiator of that contact is yielding. All it really means is that they had an opportunity to observe at least your current position (but probably not your speed nor your intentions).

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