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Originally Posted by slidefighter View Post
I am a new owner of a 2012 690. Read the original "KTM 690 Tank Bolts" thread end to end. The last entry was in 2011; the thread appears to have died there. At the time the "word" was to get Mudguts upper tank bolts and Partsmaker's aluminum lower tank bushings and Delrin upper bushings. I see now that Rally Raid makes something they call "Tank Mount Bolts" ($89.95) and a "Lower Tank Mount Kit" for $55.50 for the 690. Are they serious?

Can anyone fill me in on what the deal is now? Mudguts and Partsmaker not making theirs any more? Is the Rally Raid design better or something? Has KTM fixed the problem on more recent 690's?

I appreciate the info.


Well, I wasn't planning to post this yet, but...

I bought '08 690 Enduro few months ago so I was after improved tank bolts, upper and lower.

Mudguts is not replying on his thread and he is offering only upper bolts. RR solution is great, but to expensive and I didn't like a thing or two on it.

I have all resources needed for this kind of work available - machines, materials and staff, so I made complete set for my self (upper tank bolt caps + bolts, lower tank sleeve and bolt and PET lower bushings). I made it to be much stronger then it needs to be, just in case (AISI 4140 steel, heat treated then zink coated - strong as 10.9 bolts, etc). There are few other improvements, but I will bring some details and pictures in few days when I get back home.

Beside that one for myself, I made 6 sets for sale. Complete set will be available for 55 Euros shipped to Europe and 60 Euros (82 USD) shipped to USA.

I will make a thread about it in few days, with all details.
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