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Originally Posted by hippiebrian View Post
This right here. I am a big fan of the European style tiered licensing just because of that reason.

Case in point. At my last job, this dude told me he was buying his first bike. "Cool" I said, "What are you thinking about?"

"Trying to figure out what Harley I want."

"Does it have to be a Harley?"

"I won't buy anything else. Ever."

"Okay, whatever, get an 883 to start."

"Can't. That's a girl's bike."

"Where the hell did you learn that?"

Blank stare.

"Tell you what, you tell whoever said it was a girl's bike that I'll get on one and race him up Palomar Mountain, just so I can tell his friends he got beat by a girl's bike."

"Well, I need a big twin."

"No, you don't. It's too big and bulky to learn on."

"No it isn't. I'm getting one, probably a Soft Tail."

"Good luck. Buy more life insurance."

Where did this crap come from?
If you get a bike with enough torque, you never really have to learn to ride it. Just steer a little, stop, put it on the stand, take it off the stand.
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