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Originally Posted by Colorado_Rider View Post
So I'm curious what the advantages and disadvantanges there are between a long travel bike vs a short travel bike on paved roads. If one isn't planning on riding dirt, and still looking for a really nice handing bike, is there any reason at all to look at bikes like the MTS1200?
I likez the power, wind protection, reliability 'n low maintenance of the FJR mahself. 'N fer me it werks just fine off road or thrash'in goat trailz too.

You youngsters iz alwayz find'in shortcomings in yer bikes when y'all should be look'in in the mirror at yerselves.

Originally Posted by AviatorTroy View Post
There was an article somewhere a couple years ago about a test between sport tourers, and the camera/chase bike was a R1200GS. By the end of the weekend, all the riders involved in the test agreed that he best sport tourer they had ridden was.....the GS.

I think the point is, unless you are planning on traveling at high warp speeds on the interstate for days on end, an adventure type bike has a more comfortable seating position, better suspension, handles just as good or better in the twisties, and can explore those gravel and dirt side roads without the fear of scratching the $hit out of your fairings if you drop it in the gravel at 2 mph.


Found that article, there's a link. Pretty good read.
Oh yeah, I rember this; the lamest article I dun ever read.
Anybody who thinks the fragile, agricultural, dry clutch tranny on that vintage pos R bike, shifts bettah than them ST bikes, don't know the 1st thang 'bout ride'in.
Anybody who thinks that weak sauce, fragile twin (It haz soul!) iz a bettah motor that them thar ST bikes, don't know shit 'bout ride'in. MCN dun showed me their staff don't know shit 'bout bikes!
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