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Originally Posted by tkent02 View Post
If he doesn't show up in court, it goes away. Delay, delay, delay and when you finally do go he won't be there. Or if he does show up he won't remember you were the wheelie guy.

15 in a 25 zone? The judge will throw it out anyway.

Do this. Show up the first time and say you want a Lawyer then ask for as long a delay as you can get, you are poor and need to save up $.

Hire Attorney or just use your legal insurance one. S/He shows up asks for delay- and will get it.

Admit nothing, let lawyer do all the talking - tell him to delay ALAP and demand to see any Video evidence (they have to let you see the evidence against you)

Demand a jury trial, you can in places here, for even a traffic ticket but probably not in the People’s Republic of California.

Don't plea to anything before the Jury has been picked and you are the court house door.

Make it a pain in the ass to convict you, turn their bureaucracy against them.

If everyone did this every time the Police wouldn’t be used as roving Tax Collectors for corrupt other people’s money grabbing politicians looking for cash to waste on the voters they depend on to get reelected.

Live your own life, for you will die your own death.

If you Don't Believe in Freedom For All -You Don't Believe in Freedom at All
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