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(corrected to what I should have said in the first place)

Yea yea I can hear you already, take responsibility and all that good stuff. Okay so I got caught doing a very slow controlled wheelie. The cop gave me a break(although he never said he was giving me a break perhaps he just didn't know the correct course of action) he gave me a 22350 cvc which is a speeding ticket. On the ticket there is no mention of a wheelie and the speeds cited are 15mph in a 0mph zone , which is actually a 25mph sidestreet. He wrote the limit as 0 because he would argue no speed is safe without both wheels on the ground. So my questions are, if I try to fight it, can he get pissed and upgrade me to reckless driving which is the correct punishment for wheelies, and is there any chance of winning since he didn't actually list the wheelie on the ticket. Basically could I just go to the arraignment and lie to the judge that the officer for some reason felt I was going too slow and hopefully get it thrown out? I am in California the Nazi capitol of the world btw.
He did you more of a solid than you know. Just show up in court and ask the clerk of the court to produce a speed zone map of the town (most have them on file) showing that particular area to be a speed limit of zero. Bang of gavel, case dismissed.
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