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Originally Posted by scootrboi View Post
I have missed the boat on large motorcycles, it seems.
I caught the boat, got back off. Always wanted a bigger bike, until I got a few. Big Beemers, big Suzukis, several others. Great at two up on long high speed highways, not much fun anywhere else. I still have an 1100, but I don't ride it much. Don't ride two up on high speed highways all that much. The F800GS I ride a little more, as my wife is more comfortable on the back, especially on rocky dirt roads and such. If it were lower and lighter I'd like it better. Most of my street riding is on my old GS550, or DR 350, or for just running down to the store usually my wife's DR 200.

I have a 450EXC for serious fun in the dirt, I wish it was smaller, lighter. 250 - 400ish maybe.

The smaller bikes are just so much easier, quicker through the crooked roads, cheaper to operate, and just overall a lot more fun to ride.

But then again I could give a rat's ass about impressing anyone with what I ride.

Harley guy as I got off my wife's DR 200, "That's a girl's bike!"

"Why yes it is, it is my wife's bike. What gay pirate did you borrow that one from?"
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