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Oh, its goanna happen. It's just a matter of time. The Government would love take control of your car away from you while you’re on a public road. You know... for safety, or the environment, or efficiency, or "the children”, or national security, or anti-terrorism. Whichever issue you support.

My only hope is that when they add in the ability for the cops to auto-pull over your car that someone builds a system for bikes that causes cars to move to the right when I come up behind them.

To tell the truth, my wife have a 2012 Ford Explorer and it has a collision avoidance system, that is very intrusive at times. This will just be another vector for data input into this system.

(True Story!) It's kind of cool to use the active cruise control and the lane assist monitor. The thing will stay in the lane and stay a set distance from the car in front automatically. The only down side is if you try and watch a movie on your cell phone while driving it dings and flashes a warning that you should get a cup of coffee.
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