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Protect your protective gear.

Sorry if this was covered already i didnt see it by page 50 something. Dont ever let your helmet hit something. I use to pull in the garage and throw my helmet across the garage onto a chair, occasionally it would bounce off and hit the concrete. One day (early 90's) as always i pulled in and took of my helmet i threw it in the chair as always, and it bounced out, only to shatter on the ground. It was still intact, just spider cracked all over. Any head protection, hard hat, helmet, bump hat should be treated like eggs. If you drop it hard, you need to replace it. You cant see what all damage is already done, and one day you might need the 100% protection it has to offer. I climb cell towers for a living and i follow this same rule with my bump hat and hard hats. If i bump it on something hard or drop it its trash. No need for my son to have to deal with me being injured or killed because i ddint take care of my protective gear.

Always wear gloves, sliding across pavement barehanded will end your ride.

Dont show off, I dont care how sexy she is.

If it isnt up to par dont ride. that goes for you, your equipment and your ride.

Grow eyes in the back of your helmet. 17 years riding motorcross and dual sports and all my major wrecks were from behind me. Either a truck sliding into the back of my bike at a redlight or a rookie on the track landing on my back doing singles instead of doubles.
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