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Originally Posted by sTE610vE View Post
Yea Chobro I plan to be back, I remember you and Ron both had GC's small world huh? Including mine we must have had more GC owners per campground than anyplace else in the country! Let me know where the group will be camping, and we'll a few brews again. if it's the same place that's cool.

Been looking at tickets and I'm trying to decide between turn 15 reserved seat or turn 1, I did the GA all three days last weekend but I think I'm going for the reserved seat for Sunday, sat on turn 1 GA for Sunday last year, it's a great spot but might want to change it up this year.

I'm thinking it's about time to start an 2014 thread
Cool, prolly scope out the property a bit more, but that spot seemed ok. I'll keep an eye out on the thread. See you there, we'll drain a few cold ones. Probably doing GA again.
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