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I use front trail braking on every corner > 15 mph. Never use engine braking except to keep brakes from heating up on a long downgrade

Why, you might ask?

I'm used to it from racing FWD cars--only way you can get them to turn. But not relevant here...

Ive had the rear end slip a bit if I've not matched revs well with engine braking.

On my bikes, I go into a corner with front wheel trail braking and maintenance throttle (a melange of ienstach, code, spencer).

That way I have perfect feel of what's going on with throttle and brake "in the moment"

If I see a deer I can gently increase braking without grabbing a handful and getting in trouble. If I see lots of road width past the apex, I can smoothly let off the brake and roll on as much throttle as I feel good about.

It's not about racing (for me--to old for that..). It's about fun and margin of safety.

If I go into a corner at a speed that takes .5 g, but I know I've got another .3 g to play with (it's a KLR after all) then I can do some serious maneuvering to stay out of trouble.

Not even suggesting I'm doing this perfectly, or that this is the "best and only way"; just trying to learn from every corner


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