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Tragically, yesterday there was an accident involving a motorcyclist and a garbage truck. This happened mid-afternoon. Details were not available yet this morning; other than the rider was not wearing a helmet and is in critical condition. From the one photo I saw, the bike looked like a harley, what was left of it.

I ride that road several times a week: The road is 6 lanes wide, three in each direction. Garbage trucks are common there because there's a refuse center in that area. The garbage trucks are slow moving, they don't "dart" out in front of traffic, they don't change lanes unexpectedly and they are BIG. I've tried to imagine how the heck this accident could have happened without success. The only conclusions I can draw are:
1. The rider must have had zero riding skills/awareness, or was impaired.
2. I'll bet he wishes he was wearing a helmet at least.
3. I hope he lives.
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