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Nothing to exciting but did have 2 in one day about 15 minutes apart . Went uptown to get my hair trimmed right after leaving Im going through a residential section and see a truck gun it out of a drive way . I lay hard on the brakes locking up the back , I let a little pressure off the rear and stand leaning back then get back on the rear brake . The drive sees me panics and stops in mid turn instead of just giving it more gas and giving me more space . I finally come to a stop about 2 inches from his back fender , he throws both hands in the air looking at me through his back window about the same time a car that was coming the other way gets to blowing the horn because he has her lane partially blocked . I just wave him on and go on to the grocery store .

I grab some milk and some chicken at the grocery store and pull out going home . The road has makes a hard sweeping right ninety curve and gains a lane on the left in the turn to the intersection . This arrangement causes alot of people to think they need to be in that lane to make a left turn to get back to the interstate but both lanes are left turning lanes . Well Im in the left lane and there is a truck in the right lane . We start into the turn and I stay far left as the extra lane starts out , the truck sees the new lane and whips across the left lane and then continues into my lane which at this point isnt a full lane yet anyway . Well I go off the road into the medium laying on the sherpas horn the whole time . After the truck passes I go to get back on the road not noticing there was a 5 or 6 inch lip up to the road where vehicles had eased off the road there rutting the shoulder out . By this time I running about 15 mph and the front hits the lip and jumps on up fine but the back slides out I drop my right foot the bike hops back upright and up onto the road . I come to a stop at the intersection behind the truck and look over and a different truck pulls up beside me and hits the horn I look over at the driver and hey makes a wiping the sweat from the brow gesture and gives me a thumbs up ,Apperantly he saw it all. The light turns green and I take off slowly giving the truck plenty of room , sure enough after making the left turn the truck need to be in the right lane to get on the interstate so it whipped over into the right lane cutting off the guy who gestured to me causing him to have to brake .I ran up beside him and just shook my head he made a shooting gesture at the truck that screwed both of us up now .Oh the gesture guy had a HD sticker on his back window so I guess he was a rider . I didnt ride my bike to town for a few days after that .

ETA:Here is the intersection , if you look you can see someone in a silver minivan forcing their way over into the left lane about where I got back on at lol .,-78.11677&z=18&t=h
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