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Originally Posted by Homey View Post
Soooo....if I locked up the back brake to initiate the action, it would have been "laying 'er down" maybe?
I would break it down this way...if your thought process was "oh crap, I better crash this bike before I crash", you fall into the 'I had to lay 'er down' group. If your though process was, "oh crap, I need to make this thing (insert evasive move here) or I will crash" and the bike went down as a result of the evasive move, you are in the 'did all I could and laid 'er down as a result' group.

Or to simplify, it's the difference between laying down as your evasive move and laying it down as a result of another evasive move. The former being an intent, the latter being a result of a very different intent.
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