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Originally Posted by BCKRider View Post
Another poster suggested twice his hand reaching the front brake lever was faster than his brain. Can we all agree that the brain has to perceive a threat BEFORE the body can take any action? Can we also agree a four finger stab on the brake lever might not end well?
You guys are misunderstanding what I said. Most times when braking is required, it's not a "BAM slam on the brakes right now" situation. If you get surprised that often you shouldn't be riding, or even driving. Usually someone changes lanes, someone else slows, or a car is rolling through an intersection, you see sand in a curve ahead, something happens where you decide for a short time whether to slow, or to speed up and steer around it, whatever. You think through the options, if and when you decide braking is neccesary you finger is there already. Other than a car, child or a deer darting out in the road from a hiding place ahead things don't happen all that quickly. Even then a better option may be to steer around, by the time you decide which to do your finger is where you need it to be. We're talking what, a tenth of a second to move your finger?

If your normal ride is to be spring loaded and hair triggered to slam on the brakes, that's a lot worse than being a split second slower to start braking.
Especially on a motorcycle.

I can count the times I've had to do an instantaneous hard stop on one hand, and it was always when I didn't see something coming correctly. Even then, getting the finger to the lever doesn't take but a tenth of the time it takes to get the weight shifted completely forward and to get the full amount of front brake on.

Do you guys all drive around in a car with your foot on the brake at all times?

Open highway, across town, or cruising through the mountains on a dirt road with your left foot hovering over the brake pedal always?

If you actually feel safer then go for it, but sure seems stupid and dangerous to me.
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