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Originally Posted by poolman View Post
the only time it bothered me at all was when a screw backed out and popped through my skin . I unscrewed it and closed the wound with crazy glue.


That's awesome poolman...badass.

I'm not sure what to do with it, so unless it bothers me I guess I'll just leave it. My only real concern is, if I do something similiarly stupid again, what will be the result...Something about that left leg is, it keeps getting pinned under the bike. Maybe I should learn to ride better...

They wanted to be sure to put the plate and screws in the right side, no I mean the left side, no I mean the correct side...

The doc was so proud of his work, he signed it.

And gave me this thing, sporting the KTM colors.

Fortunately, before it broke down...I switched it over to Yamaha colors...
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