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So if you didn't read the Death Valley report linked above, or if you didn't follow the link to the article about the tow operator, check this out:

Originally Posted by Equipment List
Brutis--(above Image)1982 17-ton, Cummins diesel-powered 6x6 military recovery vehicle equipped with 20,000-pound hydraulic front winch, 45,000-pound rear winch, and 30,000-pound crane
Two 4WD wreckers
One 4WD flatbed
One Thiokol Snowcat
Freightliner four-axle, 90,000-pound-capacity wrecker for big rigs and pusher motorhomes
Freightliner three-axle recovery truck
163 0508 Towmonster12 Z
International wrecker for towing and motorhome recovery
Two heavy-duty 2WD wreckers
One medium-duty 2WD wrecker
One light-duty 4WD wrecker for pavement
One light-duty 4WD wrecker for off-road use
Peterbilt 2WD: Jerr-Dan
Freightliner tractor towing a Landall trailer with forward moving rear axles; used mostly to load motorhomes with wheel-bearing failures
International rollback three-car carrier
1989 GMC 4WD flatbed for off-road
4WD service truck
4WD tire service truck with bed-mounted tire-mounting machine and generator
Bobcat with bucket and rotary sweeper
Two 4WD ATVs
International Harvester bulldozer to pioneer roads for difficult recoveries
Tractor-trailer airbag righting system using low-pressure, high-volume heavy-duty rubber inflatable bags to raise a trailer onto its wheels
On the original subject, my brother and I took his Ford Bronco II up a forest road near our parents' place in Maine, on Christmas Eve. We'd been up the same road previously in my 2wd Toyota Pickup, but that was during the summer; at this point, the ground was snow-covered, but I had a new come-along to play with, should we need it.

Roughly 1.5-2 miles past the end of the maintained roadway, we decided that the sketchy bridge and sketchier hill climb beyond it were more than we wanted to deal with and turned around, having only just resorted to putting the truck into 4WD. While doing so, the vehicle spat out its coolant and refused to restart.

We walked out, as darkness was falling, and called for a ride from the first occupied building we found (roughly 2.5 miles from the rig).

I went back the next day with a friend (in his Suburban) to recover my box o' tools (which, given my lack of familiarity with the rig and the time at which it stopped working, had not proved very useful). Unfortunately, we were out there late enough in the day that attempting to tow out the Bronco didn't seem like a good risk, and a snowfall shortly after that point rendered it thoroughly stuck until spring.
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