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First close call was riding to work. Coming up on a T intersection with the other street having the stop sight. There is no side of the road as it dropped off in a 4 foot ditch a mere 4 inches from the white line. As I was right at the intersection a guy in a truck pulls out in front of me. I couldn't stop in time, but did the best I could and got over as far as I could. Missed the guy by a few inches some how.

My next close call I was approaching a bicyclist. I was in my lane and he was in the bike lane. Slowed down a bit as I approached anticipating a possible event from the cyclist, there was a T intersection a little down the road that had traffic waiting as well as a stop sign a little further down the road. I also was looking for signs from the cyclist on what he would do, looking behind and to the side, given a signal he was going to turn, and where he was looking. Seeing no sign he wanted to turn, I moved to the far left and pass. Just as I was about to pass him, he darted right out in front of me. I just instinctively swerved around him to the right as it was the safest escape route as going left was out because of an oncoming car and the cyclist was heading left.
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