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Originally Posted by MotoTex View Post
Just so those who don't know won't get the wrong impression. Getting into and out of gear, riding jacket and pants, takes maybe two minutes. Maybe. If I'm slow. I don't consider this "a lot of time" but my riding may be different than those who would consider this too long.
Two minutes.

You, sir, have my utmost respect!

Boots, pants, vest, gloves, helmet, goggles. It takes me closer to 10 minutes. Yet, I'm not out by a long shot. Prechecks, rolling bike out, kicking it into life.
So give me at least 15 minutes before I yell "go, silver".

Riding a bike to me is like riding a horse. It requires attention and time before and after. That's not lost time, it's an investment in a good trip now and more to come.

By the way, to put it in perspective, even a round trip to the groceries will take me two hours. There are no short rides for me.
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