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I'm sorry mods but, this thread has been diluted well beyond being a technical thread. For example, there are many posts here asking about when the product would be delivered after it was ordered. Many of those posts, and one of them was mine IIRC, were answered here. And, those questions clearly seem to be something that require an answer from a vendor and not the vendor's engineering department. Production delivery schedule discussions should have nothing to do with the technical merits of a product.

Then their are the accolade posts that permeate this thread. Those have typically been met by thank yous from the Iice-Air originators. Those replies surely seems to be in the rightful domain of a vendor and are clearly not technical in nature.

The there are the "Marketing" posts that are quip-like in nature. Rhetorically, what the heck does Marketing know about the technical aspects of the product? It turns out that in this case quite a lot. You do get my drift, though. Marketing is a vendor activity.

I have an Iice-Aire and it seems to work alright. I think my bike's computer has learned enough about its peripheral existence that the initial benefits are partially gone. However, all I wanted was the pinging to go away. And, so far that condition seems abated. The fuel mileage is down a bit, too, and I do believe that the product has had some positive effect on my motorcycle.

Do I want the new update? Sure I do. This just isn't the right place to ask about how/when it will be delivered. Again, that's a question for a vendor.

So, while I feel your angst JJ and PS (and respect the PM), perhaps there's a little too much commingling between the technical and vending threads.

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