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Departed on Monday (3Feb14) with temps in the 60s and both nuts just nagging, nagging, nagging to get on the road. So, we're off, heading to Memphis. Now, along the way we found a guy who has a Russian Mig27 as a lawn ornament! It wasn't to far up the road, but is this cool or what!

I was able to talk with the owner for a few minutes and the background story is that he bought the Mig (East German) at a government surplus sale for $1,000. It was delivered and he and some friends put it together. At the same auction he also bought a US F-4 Phantom for $1,500, but after it was delivered he was contacted and instructed not to touch anything on the F4 as it had been sold by mistake. It was promptly picked back up. Nose to nose in his yard it would have been really awesome.

In any case, his side of the road is well maintained and so Nutsy insisted on stopping here to admire the plane and decided to hide out across the street from the "55" mph sign by his fence. Just to the right of the corner fence post.

Look into the woods, not very far, and there's a big piece of concrete mostly buried in the leaves. Nutsy is resting just behind it, in a ziplock bag and a note (that you'll see a copy of in the next post).

Here's the view from the edge of the road.

Although Nutsy just insisted on staying with the Mig for awhile, Patriot really wasn't interested and wanted to ride some more to something a little more . . . well, you know . . . patriotic!

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