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Originally Posted by 390beretta View Post
Man, I am just mystified by this accident. Why didn't the driver brake, swerve, whatever! LOTs of room there! I hate to see a fellow rider have this kind of accident! Harley or not. As I learn more, I'll try to post particulars.

Also, at the grocery store where I shop frequently, I saw three PHX garbage trucks parked in the lot; thought about going in to ask them what the skuttlebut was about the accident yesterday, but didn't. I'd really like to know about this.
You weren't even there, so how do you have any idea what the circumstances were? Maybe the guy had a cage beside him, and couldn't swerve? Maybe the truck pulled out at the very last moment, and the guy couldn't come to a full stop? Maybe you simply hope it was the riders fault, so you can feel superior, and say "see, he should have been wearing a helmet!"?

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