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Originally Posted by Rango View Post
Two minutes.

You, sir, have my utmost respect!

Boots, pants, vest, gloves, helmet, goggles. It takes me closer to 10 minutes. Yet, I'm not out by a long shot. Prechecks, rolling bike out, kicking it into life.
So give me at least 15 minutes before I yell "go, silver".

Riding a bike to me is like riding a horse. It requires attention and time before and after. That's not lost time, it's an investment in a good trip now and more to come.

By the way, to put it in perspective, even a round trip to the groceries will take me two hours. There are no short rides for me.
I wasn't counting the time for helmet, boots, gloves as the post I was replying to seemed to be about the hassles of a suit compared to riding with minimum gear. I just presumed that boots, gloves, and helmet were something they might already be doing and aimed to illustrate the difference in time required to go full gear.

So, I step into the left pants leg, zip two leg zippers and fasten one buckle, put on the jacket and zip up the front. That's probably less that two minutes. Street clothes go underneath. Reverse the process and I'm comfy for work or socializing.

The earplugs, helmet, and gloves, not to mention heated gear and rain gear when necessary will add to that time.

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