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Had a 2010 Concours C-14. Nice bike but holding onto the grips was like holding onto a bag of bees.

Took it in twice to make sure all was sync'd properly (It was). Tried it without bar weights and with extra heavy bar weights. No real difference.

Bottom line, inline 4's create high frequency vibes. And it drove me nuts. So much so I sold the bike and swore off inline 4's.

Bought a 2012 Harley Electra Glide. Everyone and their mother will tell you how much these bikes vibrate. is low frequency vibes. And therein lies the big difference. High frequency vibes...BAD. Low frequency vibes...almost pleasant. And Harley touring bikes have no bar weights.

From here on out, it's only twins, and V-4s for me. I can't risk another expensive mistake with an inline 4. I have to admit that I haven't tried a triple yet. Anyone want to chime in on those ?
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