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Adjust rotation of brake lever?

Originally Posted by CaliKarl View Post
Thanks for all your replies. I'll play around with it, but ultimately neither my index nor middle finger can cover the front brake while standing. I wear a size XXXL glove and have very cumbersome hands, which certainly ain't helpin'. I'll just ride slow and have my finger ready.
With triple X glove size it sounds like your fingers should be long enough. Originally I thought covering the lever was difficult because your fingers were too short

I too have big hands and find it more comfortable to lay two fingers on both the brake and clutch levers - habit learned from my early dirt bike riding days decades ago. Keeps your grip loose and relaxed for better control (ie: not a "death grip") and smooth, modulated front braking instead of a "grab".

Maybe try loosening the lever perches and rotating them to a position where you can comfortably lay your first two fingers on them while in the "attack" position and they will be usable from sitting to full standing. It's the first thing I do when I get a new (to me) bike.

PS - don't forget to tighten those perches back up after adjusting
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