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Originally Posted by PeterW View Post
Nope. That's how martial arts like Karate works, your brain actually reacts and does the right thing before it's concious of acting. "Muscle memory".

I'll admit, I don't cover the front brake all the time, but when things get interesting, a couple of fingers are there hovering before a real threat appears.

I also still bounce rather than break - my thanks to those Judo lessons I had in my twenties - I may have been bloody awful at Judo , ( anyone who knew me back then would agree with that) but it's saved me from broken bones many times since.

The four finger stab at the brakes, yes and no. I have an ABS bike now, that's the 'correct' thing to do, but covering with one finger is what was discussed, that works, and unless you are superman, that's enough to get SOME brake without a front wheel lock.


"muscle memory"=conditioned response based on past experience and practice.

For the one post - the brain has to act first to make the muscles work. Conditioned response based on practice takes less time than a response requiring in depth thought processing. That is part of the thing, when you have conditioned responses frequently you actually end up with time (even a fraction of a second can seem like a lot of tiem) to consider responses, since there is no actual panic. You are already responding. That is the old "seems like things slow down" comment that some riders mention. I've experienced that a number of times.
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