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Originally Posted by renogeorge View Post

I guess the safe bet for me, is to stay on the road south from Creel all the way to Guachochi. Then north and west to Bato.

But I am hearing that Guachochi doesn't offer a whole lot and the mystery road would sure seem to cut off some miles getting from Creel to Bato this way.

Any advice and comments appreciated!!
Take into account that Hwy 23 - Creel to Guachochi is paved, great condition and fast. Then Guachochi to 3/4 of the way to Yoquivo is also paved. Then it goes to dirt. And Yoquivo to Bato is dirt. So yes, taking a cutoff before Guachochi might make it shorter (and looking at the map it is real twisty through high country, so maybe even longer) but it will definitely be a lot slower. Instead of travelling at 100Km/h and above, you will be at 50Km/h and below.

True, Guachochi doesn't offer much, gas and food, but the turnoff to Batopilas is right before the town starts so you don't actually have to go in to it.
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