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Totally agree. Back in the 70s Bob Braverman published "Cycle Mechanics" and "Bike Mechanics" magazines and they were full of mods and other tech info. And include these with all of his other work published in Cycle Guide and other magazines. I still have copies and refer to them quite often when working on older models. And what made the magazines unique was that the author of the article, for the most part anyway, did the work. It was an interesting and fun time.

I still have the issue where Gordon Jennings did the SR500 hop up. I'm into the SRs so it was worth it. When I wanted to make a pipe out came the article and there it was 33" long 1-5/8 diameter. Carb - 38 is overkill because the head won't flow that well.

You couldn't find tips or articles like that in a magazine now if your life depended on it. The car/truck magazines are showing metal forming, welding, and testing tools along with decent features on vehicles that are not new, but built. What a shame the riders of this country can't support something like that. Mitch Boehm was close with Moto Retro, but didn't have any "how to". It appears his mag bit it too. What a shame, they were phenomenal.
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