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Originally Posted by bwalsh View Post
Pretty cool bike, but it could use a skid plate.

An inmate I know uses a CX500 as a dual sport. It's still basically stock though...

That's the best photo I have of it. He easily kept up with us on an old jeep trail. After riding with him I've been looking hard at CX500's. Water cooled, shaft drive, bullet proof reliability, what's not to love? Every now and then a nice one comes up for sale on CL.
I had one as my first bike, it managed to survive that abuse without issue. A little down on power compared to modern bikes but still plenty to cruise on the freeway at 70mph all day long. I started a CX650 ADV build a while back but ran out of garage space and my wife's patience, so I passed it on to my brother. He's been doing nothing with it, though, so lately I've been thinking of stealing it back....

If you were going to buy a CX with the goal of modding it to be an ADV bike, I wouldn't recommend the CX650 - 15" rear wheel gives you no DS tire options whatsoever. You can, with difficulty, modify a spoked wheel off of a VT-something to fit, but it's going to be expensive. Go with a CX500, or the GL versions of either the 500 or 650. The GLs have a mono-shock swingarm which looks nicer but might be more of a PITA to get extended travel on.
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